Boost your Canadian CRS upto 74 points

HERE AND NOW proudly presents,


TEF COMPASS | A Canadian Immigration Program.


What is TEF Canada?

The Test d’Évaluation de Français pour le Canada is a test of general French which assesses the level of proficiency in French.



TEF COMPASS is an exclusive program for giving the TEF Canada exam conducted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Paris, Île-de France.TEF compass comprises 6 levels from scratch to mastery namely viz: A1 – Debutant to C2 – Mastery in French. 


Why take TEF COMPASS? 

It has the shortest duration & even working professionals can opt for this exclusive program.TEF COMPASS Eliminates all the irrelevant steps in learning a language and focuses more into only the TEF Canada Exam.CLB 7+ is for sure possible with TEF Compass.TEF Compass helps in immigration and citizenship application process in Canada. It contributes to almost 74 points for Canadian Imigration out of the 600. 


What to expect?

One to one interaction.Talk with the prof on a weekly basis to discuss the progress.Practise tests to improve writing, reading, speaking and listening skills weekly.Mock exams on a weekly basis to check progress.You’ll also get to learn around 2000 french verbs that will help you master French.


How French helps you in getting settled in Canada?


You can now earn up to 74 additional CRS Points for strong French language skills (even if French is your second language).


To be eligible for Express Entry, you must prove your French language ability: take an approved language test: TEF Canada.


You could Master French and get a PR Visa successfully using Express Entry route for immigrating to Canada.




Step 1:  Finish the TEF preparation using the TEF Compass Program designed by HERE AND NOW – The French Institute in six months time. (Duration: 6 Months)


Step 2: You could get your TEF scores as intended which is  7, 7, 7, 7 MINIMUM in all four sections (LRWS). Give the TEF Canada Exam as soon as you finish the TEF Compass Program (Exam duration: 1 Day)


Step 3: Make sure your EE application is created with all the necessary details.


Step 4: Track the application till the stage of ITA and AOR within the timeline of TEF scores (Tracking Time: 2 months)


Step 5: Getting a job in India using French B2/C1 Level by completing the TEF Compass Program before you start the EE process, is recommended. HERE AND NOW could help you get a job in the French domain. This will help you in transitioning in Canada. Make sure you update your profile with this job in the EE Application.


Step 6: Showcase your skills and market yourself in the meantime with Canadians firms. Write a well drafted email and send it to them and to your contacts in Canada. Please utilise the portal in the EE forum.


Step 7: Keep all the documents ready in the meantime with PCC and Medicals. Do this within one month’s time and send. (Duration: 10 days)


Step 8: Submit all the required documents as soon as the Canadian Immigration Department requests for them. (Durartion: 1 Day)


Step 9: You should get the stampings for the passport done. (CoPR stage – usual timeline is 6 months but it can be extended due to external factors)


Step 10 – Ensure you land within the timeframe of 60 days after CoPR.


Team HERE AND NOW could help you with the above steps and fulfil your Canadian Immigration Dream. All you have to do is, simply enroll yourself for the TEF Compass Program designed by HERE AND NOW – The French Institute. 


We have two programs under TEF COMPASS


Program No.1 :

TEF Compass – 9 montha (A1-C1)  

Score of B2 advanced for CLB 7.


Program No. 2 :


TEF Compass Pro – 180 days (A1-C2) for CLB 7+.


Mode: Direct / Online


Seats: 15 (online) / 21(Direct)



Levels CoveredA1,A2,B1,B2 & C1A1,A2,B2,B2,C1 & C2
Possible CLBCLB 7 (B2 advanced)CLB 7+(C1 and above)
Duration (in days)270 Days330 Days
Duration (Intensive full time)9 Months11 Months