Canada is an immigration-dependent country because of its low birth rates and bone-chilling low temperatures. In the light of the same, it offers a wonderful opportunity for immigrants, specially from populous Asian countries, to immigrate and start a new life in Canada. It offers many immigrant-friendly programs to help one settle down in Canada, such as pre-arrival service and post landing services free of cost. HERE AND NOW will look into the complete process involved in immigration, including types of visas and its requirements.


Immigration via Federal Skilled Worker (FSW).

Federal Skilled Worker is a legacy program via which most successful first generation immigrants got to Canada. It is a point-based immigration system, Designed to be competitive and conclusive. Being fair in its inception, It allocates points based on one’s educational qualifications, language skills and adaptability to the Canadian job market.


Immigration via Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

Federal Skilled Trades is again a similar immigration program like FSW. But, It sports a different set of individuals, Namely, Unskilled and Semi-skilled worked, In contrary to FSW, Which imbibes highly-demanded skilled workers for the global market. As far as the point calculation is considered, It is way similar to skilled worker category with some aberrations in considerable experience and National Occupation Classification (NOC) differentiation.


Immigration via Investor Program (IIVC)

HERE AND NOW also offers two gigantic immigration programs attracting most of the work force to the obscure North American country, Investor program brings foreign exchange to the bubbling economy, which in turn creates local jobs and provides a channel of business opportunities.
As a good-will gesture, Canada provides Permanent Residency to huge investors to facilitate the ease of doing business and generating tax revenue to the government.