Frequently Asked Question of the IMMERSION PROGRAM
IMMERSION PROGRAM | A 108 Day Regime | A1 to B2 in Just 6 Months



IMMERSION PROGRAM is a Linguistic Skill Acquisition program. The skill is acquired by learning the French language from HERE AND NOW – The French Institute.


2. Is IMMERSION PROGRAM available on weekends?
No. It is available only on weekdays.


3. Is IMMERSION PROGRAM a part-time course?
NO. IMMERSION PROGRAM is a full-time course.


4. Can any age group do IMMERSION PROGRAM?
Anybody who is 16 and above is eligible for the program.


5. What is the duration of the IMMERSION PROGRAM?
IMMERSION PROGRAM is a 108-Day Regime, happens on weekdays and lasts for 6 months.


6. What do I learn in IMMERSION PROGRAM?
IMMERSION PROGRAM is a French language learning course. You will be learning Business French.


7. I don’t have an MBA or business education background, will I still be able to do the IMMERSION PROGRAM?
Yes. You could do the IMMERSION PROGRAM without any prior knowledge in commerce or a Business degree. You can be an Engineer or a Doctor, you will still be able to do the IMMERSION PROGRAM. In fact, learning IMMERSION PROGRAM in Business French is easier compared to learning General French.


8. How Special is the IMMERSION PROGRAM?
a. IMMERSION PROGRAM is the shortest French learning program in the world (Mastery in just 108 days)
b. It is created based on the most powerful language learning methodology in the world.
c. Real-Time Entrepreneurs & Native French Speakers will handle the learning sessions.
d. It is certified by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Paris, Ile-de-France.


9. What is the validity period of the cerrtification?
The certification is valid lifelong and across the Globe.


10. Can I speak French fluently in 6months?
Yes! You will develop a strong written and verbal communication skill in French. In short, you can speak French Fluently in 6 months.


11. Am I allowed to take leave in between the program?
NO. Since, the program is only for a period 6 months, taking leave is not at all allowed.


12. Does HERE AND NOW guarantee Job?
Yes. We assure 100% job in our partnering multi-national companies for the participants who have successfully completed the program with 100% attendance.


13. What if I happened to take a day’s leave during an unavoidable situation?
You are allowed to take 4 days of informed leave and should be compensated through extra paid sessions. Participants who have taken more than 4 days of allowed leaves will be disqualified and will not be eligible for the job assurance.


14. What makes me disqualified during the program?

a. If you miss more than 4 days of the program, you will be disqualified.
b. If you have taken less than 4 days of leaves but you haven’t compensated with extra paid sessions, you will be disqualified.