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Super Power India Scholarship Program

What is SPIS Program?

   Would you like to create a positive change in the world? We all know that with the right education given to the right people at the right time, nothing is impossible. 

   We have seen people with very humble beginnings achieve extraordinary heights, just because they persisted and had the opportunity to do so. 

   We, at Here and Now have just that – the right opportunity at the right time. But we’re also searching for something – the right people. 

   Introducing the Super Power India Scholarship Program – a 10 year plan to make India a superpower and provide education to the deserving ones and those who share the same       dream of helping India. Our initiative helps not only those who are underprivileged, but also people with a sharp mind and a clear vision. So if you know any dedicated individuals       with a sure aim in life, look no further than Here and Now – The French Institute, where we not only cultivate but also reward the sense of passion in these hardworking people. 

   So if you’re a believer, an achiever, a person who wants to achieve something big, join us in taking this step towards building the nation. 

Who can be benefited?

  Anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 who would like to add skills to their resume can benefit from the SPIS program. This is open to both students and working professionals.

  Eligibility criteria:

  1. The person should work for Here and Now for the next 4 years. 

  2. The person should work in India for at least the next 10 years


   This criteria is made keeping in mind the main reason behind this initiative, which is to serve the society. We aim to create a super skilled workforce for the country, with which           the dream of making India a superpower will soon be a reality.  Therefore, it is primordial that the applicant follow these conditions. We believe that is absolutely possible to              create the next Sundar Pichai or Satya Nadella, but these future CEOs should serve the country, not leave it. And that is exactly our aim – build CEOs to build India. 

Who can contribute?

  Any Indian or even anyone who loves India is welcome to contribute. 

  Multi national companies, cinestars, philanthropists and people interested in contributing a big deal to a great cause will help a lot in creating this difference we need at the                moment.

  We also require and appreciate any support from newspaper and television media to help us reach the government and the public. 

Key Contributors:
The French Institute
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